Photo Credit: Marg O’Reilly

Climate Momentum

ClimateMomentum is a volunteer-run project to boost positive community momentum for climate response in Stratford and Perth County, Ontario. We’re a growing group of volunteers coming together to build community by encouraging conversations, storytelling, and action.

Momentum for Awareness …

Our blog launched on Earth Day 2019. We aim to increase awareness of what’s already happening locally to reduce our carbon footprints, care for the environment, and nurture love of nature. The story of climate change action in Stratford and Perth County is bigger than you think.

Look for frequent blog posts that feature local climate initiatives and champions. We invite you to submit ideas for blog topics and we welcome volunteer writers. Tell us what inspires you to respond to climate change.

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Momentum for Conversation …

The most effective thing you can do about climate as an individual is stop being an individual.Bill McKibben, Environmentalist, Author & Educator, Founder of 350.org

Shouldn’t we be talking more about something as important as climate change? The conversation phase of the project will launch in early 2020. Our “Bring Climate to the Table” campaign will provide online tools and resources to make it easy for anyone to host climate conversations around coffee tables, kitchen tables, and boardroom tables in Stratford and Perth County.

The campaign will create new opportunities to gather and share questions, concerns, inspirations, and ideas for a positive future. What if we created a clear vision now for turning things around? What do we want for ourselves, our families, and our communities? What if we were confident in our ability to contribute?

Momentum for Inspiration & Action …

Climate change is here, but the heroic effort of this decade is to limit it and choose the best-case scenarios rather than do nothing as the worst-case scenarios take hold. ~ Rebecca Solnit, Writer, Author of “Hope in the Dark”

Climate scientists and international organizations have made it clear that we need to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the effects of global warming. While advocating for continued action and more ambitious leadership provincially, nationally, and internationally, we can lead locally.

It’s time to focus our attention, talk about the issues, and ramp up local initiatives. Our blog and resource site will evolve to share initiatives and action ideas, to encourage new local projects small and large, and to offer tools and information to support you in taking action.

Would you like to volunteer?

Right now, we are looking for blog contributors who like to interview people, write news-type articles, or take photos and videos. We also need communicators who love social media. Later, we’ll need a few small groups to test drive our conversation tools and provide feedback. We may also need a few skilled facilitators to take the “Bring Climate to the Table” campaign out into the community. We welcome concerned community members of all ages and backgrounds to join this boost for local climate momentum! Send us an e-mail.