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Climate Momentum

ClimateMomentum is a community-based information hub and a network of eco-minded locals in Stratford and Perth County, Ontario. Our vision is a community engaged in responding to the climate crisis and committed to achieving a carbon-neutral Perth County by 2040.

To build local momentum to respond to climate change, we raise awareness, facilitate conversations and connections, and support collaboratively-led events, projects, and advocacy initiatives. We have a growing inter-generational, non-partisan network of volunteers!

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also seek to achieve a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable community. We are supporting the global and national Just Recovery movement to address the inadequacies and inequities of our social and economic systems and advocate for a resilient future for all people and eco-systems.

Momentum for Local Climate Action & Carbon Neutrality …

The story of climate change action in Stratford and Perth County is bigger than you think! Since we launched Climate Momentum in April 2019, we have:

> shared blogs about what’s happening locally to reduce our carbon footprints, nurture love of nature, and advocate for change — we are continuing to use the blog to feature local climate and Just Recovery initiatives and also highlight local champions for transformational change

> partnered with the Stratford Public Library to host a “Living with Climate Momentum” workshop series

> supported youth climate activists in hosting a large Fridays for Future climate march, rally, and eco-info fair in Stratford on September 20, 2019 and we will participate in their upcoming event on September 25, 2020, the next global climate strike day of action

> hosted in-person “Momentum Mixer” gatherings for local eco-minded folks to mingle and spark ideas and we’re now hosting Virtual Mixers with guest speakers and local dialogue

> advocated, along with youth climate activists, for Stratford City Council to pass a climate emergency declaration — a declaration passed unanimously in February 2019; volunteers are now organizing for public involvement in developing a community climate action plan with measurable actions as soon as possible, and we are also supporting and publicizing the work of the Perth County Climate Change Coordinator

> volunteers have recently initiated new climate- and justice-focused working groups

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The most effective thing you can do about climate as an individual is stop being an individual.Bill McKibben, Environmentalist, Author & Educator, Founder of 350.org

Momentum for a Green & Just Recovery from the Pandemic …

The story for the future, as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, needs to connect climate action and social justice so we can build resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities.

Many local Stratford and Perth County organizations and projects are already very active towards transforming our society and economy. We are making connections, learning, and advocating for action:

> In June, over 50 locals participated in online “teach-ins” that introduced the Just Recovery movement and shared six Just Recovery principles to put people and planet first in the recovery from the pandemic

> In July, local climate activists had a Zoom meeting with Perth-Wellington Member of Parliament John Nater to remind him of the need for urgent climate action and encourage his support for a green and just recovery that will create a more resilient future

> We created a poster campaign and art display in downtown Stratford to raise awareness about the Just Recovery principles

> We are reaching out to local organizations with mandates related to a Just Recovery and exploring ways to support their work

> Volunteers have recently initiated new Just Recovery-focused working groups for learning and action around issues of housing, basic income, food security, and Indigenous rights

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Would you like to volunteer?

All this activity is initiated and implemented thanks to energized and committed volunteers who raise their voices, share their skills, and try new things. We welcome blog writers, social media communicators, working group members, and anyone ready or curious for learning and action on climate and social justice. Send an e-mail to get connected: hello@climatemomentum.ca.

The choices we make now about how to recover from this pandemic will shape not only our health and economic future, but also the future of human life on this planet. Hassan Yussuff, Canadian Labour Congress