UPDATE: If you registered but did not receive the Eventbrite email with the Zoom details, please check your junk mail folder. If you can’t find the link, please watch the live stream on our Facebook page @ClimateMomentum. You do not have to be a Facebook member to watch there. Thank you!

Stratford Ontario area residents! You are invited to a virtual community meeting to mark the 1-year anniversary of Stratford’s Climate Emergency Declaration and begin a community dialogue to kick start local climate action for 2021.

This first event will focus on creating momentum and sharing ideas for ambitious climate action in Stratford. How can city leaders, community leaders, and all residents take the climate emergency seriously?

The agenda includes local youth climate activists, updates on local actions and leadership, and a guest speaker who will share inspiring examples of ambitious action in Oxford County. Check out all the details below.

Please register on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link for this community meeting: https://climateevent.eventbrite.ca

Invite your friends, family and neighbours!

One year since Stratford’s Climate Emergency Declaration, what’s happening to take emergency action? And what’s possible?

The agenda features:

Local Youth Climate Activists: Sammie Orr, Emily Adam, and Amber McNeil

Updates on Local Actions & Leadership: Rebecca Garlick, the Perth County Climate Change Coordinator; Bill James-Abra from Climate Momentum; Melissa Verspeeten from Get Concerned Stratford; and Emily Chandler, Chair of the Energy & Environment Advisory Committee

Keynote Speaker: David Mayberry, Mayor of the Township of South-West Oxford and formerly Warden of Oxford County

Our neighbours in Oxford County have an ambitious “Future Oxford” vision and have put sustainability plans into action to balance social, environmental, and economic interests, including accessible services, greater food security, low-carbon transportation, increased energy efficiency, and protection of source water, as well as zero waste and zero poverty goals.

We will also announce upcoming virtual events focused on practical local actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from sources like transportation, waste, and buildings including our homes.

Please register to receive the Zoom link for this community meeting.