Highlights from the Sept 20th #FridaysForFuture Parade & Rally, Stratford, ON

To mark today’s global day of climate action with youth and supporters in the streets around the world, we have a wonderful new video to look back at the #FridaysForFuture events on September 20th in Stratford and appreciate the inspiring leadership and energy of our community! Stand up and stand together for climate action!

Thank you to all involved and to the talented Kris von Kleist and David Leasa for this amazing video!!

To listen and watch the speeches from the September 20th rally, check out this video.

Keep standing up, Stratford!

Here are two groups at City Hall on November 29th … and we missed taking a photo of another group later in the day. Raise your voice and let City Council, your MPP, and your MP know that you care about climate action!