On March 19th, youth globally and across the country are taking action. They’re demanding that governments and corporations implement a green and just recovery from the pandemic and build a safe and healthy planet for all.

Here’s the call to action: “What we need are not meaningless goals for 2050 or net-zero targets full of loopholes, but concrete and immediate action in-line with science. Our carbon budget is running out.”

Climate Strike Stratford and Climate Momentum invite you to take a few minutes to add your voice on Friday. You could choose one or more of the following quick actions:

(1) Write your government representatives to call for a green and just recovery from the pandemic. We can start a Just Transition now to respond to the climate crisis and create a more equitable society. Better plans and greater investments are needed. Show your support and ask our governments to do more!

  • Write an email and send to Stratford Mayor (and/or your Perth County township Mayor), MP, MPP, the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. You can cut and paste these addresses to send your message: DMathieson@stratford.ca, John.Nater@parl.gc.ca, Randy.Pettapiececo@pc.ola.org, Justin.Trudeau@parl.gc.ca, Jonathan.Wilkinson@parl.gc.ca

(2) Post a photo on social media for the #ClimateStrikeOnline and use the hashtags of the global day of action: #NoMoreEmptyPromises #ActOnYourPromises and #FridaysForFuture

(3) Share action links from the movement. Email these links to friends and/or share on social media:

  • Global Climate Strike website
  • Climate Strike Canada national online rally March 19th at 5pm ET
  • Social media posts from Fridays for Future, FFF Digital, Fridays for Future Canada, Climate Strike Canada, Greta Thunberg and more > Fill your feed on Friday!
  • the Fridays for Future ‘Fight for 1.5’ Pledge from the December day of action > Renew your commitment and invite others

Collectively, our calls to action have an impact. Make your voice heard, and your support visible, on March 19th!