Time is limited to provide your input on the climate plan for Perth County and all Perth County municipalities! The public consultation platform closes December 23, 2020.

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It’s imperative that citizens weigh in about the changes and climate actions they’d like to see and feel are feasible and impactful for our community. This survey was made possible by a coming together of municipalities who recognized that actions need to be taken to reduce GHG emissions. What those actions may be will be informed by this survey. ~ Emily Chandler, Chair, Energy & Environmental Advisory Committee, City of Stratford

“As an organization that believes everyone in the community has the right to good, healthy food, we know that mitigating the effects of climate change is of paramount importance. The cost of food is expected to rise yet again in 2021 in no small part because of food systems being disrupted by droughts and forest fires, heavy precipitation, reduced fresh water access, and rising sea levels around the world. We need to prepare our community now for the climate challenges ahead if we are to achieve the goal of eradicating food insecurity. 

Be seen and have your voice heard by taking part in this community consultation. Let our representatives and decision-makers at all levels of government know that we demand immediate and effective action on climate change now.

Derek Barnes, Manager of Community Outreach, The Local Community Food Centre, Stratford

I completed the survey because I feel a responsibility to learn and be involved in taking the steps necessary in our local community to reduce GHG. It was easy to complete and shared some great insight into how we can make a positive impact over the next 10 years right here in our local community. ~ Christa Mabee, Mom & Business Owner, Stratford

“We have a climate emergency, not just climate ‘problem’. We need to plan and take bold actions – the more people learn about the emergency and decide to take action, the more we can get done – 10% reduction in GHGs doesn’t begin to address what we need do over the next 10 years – we need to start taking bold, impactful and sensible actions now.

“I think the top priority related to GHG reductions in Stratford and Perth county are transportation – bike and multi-use paths are part of that – but so are city, business and individual purchases of electric vehicles. We need provincial and federal investments in the charging infrastructure. We also need to set and meet a zero waste to landfill goal – we need home and business energy retrofits. We need a green job recovery.”

~ Geoff Love, Cycle Stratford

Please participate in the survey! Climate Momentum challenges you to vote for choices that get our community to a 30-45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

> Click HERE to access the Perth County Climate Action Plan Survey now <

This survey is an opportunity for all residents of Perth County to start the dialogue and move towards plan of action to combat a real threat to our environment. ~ Brent Shackleton, Environment Committee, Rotary Club of Stratford

I think that we should all engage in action around the climate crisis because simply put, it affects us all. And we should prioritize each aspect of the many potential local actions. Reducing emissions in every way we possibly can gives us a better understanding of our impact and provides an opportunity to build a community around action. I really like making active transportation a priority as well as trying to activate more interest around local food security. Engaging as many people as possible in growing food and in a growth mindset brings more understanding of our interconnected relationship with our environment. ~Jenn Mezei, Mom, Artist & Teacher, Stratford

“The survey is a great way to become informed as well as feel like your opinion and your actions matter. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by climate change issues, participating in the consultation reminded me that there are things I can do and that we can do as a community that could have huge impact to the health of our home, in this region and on this planet. I actually learned a lot about our local challenges and our specific opportunities for improvement through this process. Being involved in the survey made me realize that there are many things we can do and change if we decide as a community which those things are. I think we should prioritize things like new greener building regulations, waste reduction and sustainable agricultural practices here in Perth County.

~ Pamela Coneybeare, Small Business Owner, Stratford

I’ve had the opportunity to sit at tables where decisions were being made, and was surprised to find that I had a lens or a way of looking at the world that was helpful. Leaders need to know what you know, and we elect them to take all that information and make an educated decision. This survey has a highly educational component to it as well. As such, It helped me feel more informed about topics I didn’t feel confident to speak on. Being involved in the climate planning process is being open to learning new things about how we live in our community, then finding ways to integrate this information into our lives to make valuable changes that have the greatest impact on our future. ~Christy Bertrand, Community Leader, Stratford

Please participate in the survey! Climate Momentum challenges you to vote for choices that get our community to a 30-45% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

> Click HERE to access the Perth County Climate Action Plan Survey now <

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