Take to the streets of Stratford on September 24th to demand climate action! Join the call for an equitable and sustainable future!

We’re encouraging small group climate strikes on sidewalks throughout the city from 2 to 4pm on Friday September 24th. Pick a spot, make your own climate action picket sign and invite some friends! Mask, distance and stay safe. Take photos to share on social media and send to your government representatives — City Council, MPP, MP and the federal party leaders.

Let’s be seen and heard with this local action on September 24th! We invite you to spread out to different locations on sidewalks around the city or strike in your own driveway. Signing up to participate is not required, but if you would like to sign up for a specific location or need location ideas, there’s an online list.

If you want inspiration for your strike posters, browse the @ClimateMomentum Instagram account or check out the signs and messages at the 2020 “shoe strike” at City Hall.

Check out the Fridays For Future climate strike information online to read their call to #UprootTheSystem. September 24th is a global day of climate action. Youth and people of all ages around the world will be standing up for urgent action and climate justice! We need all levels of government to take the climate emergency seriously and not forget that overexploited countries and marginalized sectors of society have been systematically left behind. Together we must fight for a future where people and planet are prioritized, especially the people and places experiencing the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

On social media, please follow and tag @ClimateStrikeStratford (Instagram) and @ClimateMomentum (Instagram, FB and Twitter). Use these hashtags: #StratfordON #PerthCountyON #FridaysForFuture #ClimateActionNow #UprootTheSystem #MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas).