Climate Solutions – Stratford

What can we do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Stratford?

Stratford City Council will soon pass a Climate Action Plan that will identify goals and initiatives for reducing Stratford’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly by 2030.

On-road transportation, solid waste, and residential buildings produce 79.4%* of the GHG emissions in our community. Most of us have cars and homes and create waste — with awareness of our choices and support from new climate-friendly city initiatives, we will make our local contribution to addressing the global climate emergency.

(* As calculated by the Perth County Climate Change Coordinator using 2017 data)

We will need to work together as a community!

The reports below offer starting points for discussion and action. Building from Climate Momentum’s efforts to bring together local climate-concerned residents through 2019 and into 2020, a group of volunteers met immediately after the City of Stratford declared a climate emergency on February 10th, 2020. These volunteers worked together to sketch out some ideas for a Stratford climate action plan and the transportation, waste, and residential action ideas shared here are the result.

Our goal is to support the city in leading community initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The climate emergency requires immediate and ambitious action!

Please read these reports and share:







Calculate Your Household Carbon Impact

Using the carbon calculator and resources from Project Neutral, you can discover your climate impact in 5 minutes and then plan some changes