The latest online Climate Action Community Meeting was held on March 18th. Titled Cars, Convenience, and Carbon: Practical “moves” to reduce green house gas emissions from transportation, it featured a panel of guest speakers. Transportation is a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and is where individual action can have the largest impact.

The panel was organized and moderated by City Councillor, and Active Transportation Advisory Committee Member, Kathy Vassilakos. Watch the video of the meeting below, featuring the following speakers:

03:30 – Sarah Merkel on School Active Transportation and practical strategies to help families choose active transportation to and from school
20:13 – Mike Mousley from Stratford Public Transit on technology and services to make it easier to leave the car at home
48:46 – Jessika Guy on strategies and benefits for getting more women out cycling and also how independent businesses can be part of the solution
1:06:00 – Colin Dhillon on green car technology and the very cool Project Arrow

More ideas for reducing our transportation emissions: