As we look back on 2019, we are excited to share the speeches from the Stratford #FridaysForFuture climate rally in September! Several speakers took to the stage in Market Square on September 20th. In this video, at the time markers indicated – and in some cases introduced by the rally emcee, Christa Mabee – you’ll hear from:

  • 00:01 – Rachael Stephen, St. Michael’s Secondary School student

  • 02:20 – Amber McNeil from Shakespeare, Ontario, a recent secondary school graduate

  • 10:09 – Serena Müller, Stratford Secondary and Elementary Schools student 

  • 15:40 – Maia Frederiksen, Nancy Campbell Academy student

  • 19:29 – Danyka Dunseith, Perth County Hemp Farmer

  • 27:10 – Emily AdamSt. Michael’s Secondary School student

  • 30:35 – Tahira Naylor, Teacher and Researcher


Also Check Out the Highlight Video! 

Thank you to all involved in the events on September 20th  and to the talented Kris von Kleist and David Leasa for taking video footage on the day and to Kris for putting together these videos to share! (Also check them out and share them from our social media accounts … links below in the footer!)