The latest online Climate Action Community Meeting was held on September 22nd. Titled How Cities Can Lead on Climate: Creative Plans and Concrete Action, it featured a panel of guest speakers. Many cities are taking ambitious climate action and having an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Our guest panelists were Amara Kartick, Perth County Climate Change Coordinator; Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability, Ithaca NY; and Luisa Burhenne, Climate Change Coordinator, Whistler BC.

Amara updated us on the process for developing a Climate Action Plan for Stratford and Perth County, and Luis and Luisa shared details of the action plans already underway in Ithaca NY, and Whistler BC.

Why panelists from Ithaca and Whistler?  Ithaca NY is similar in size to Stratford and has a sustainability plan that is truly impressive. You can read about it here:  “The US City That Has Raised $100 Million to Climate Proof Its Buildings” 

Whistler BC is like Stratford in that it has a large tourism sector.  Yet with just half the population of Stratford, Whistler’s Climate Action Plan lives up to its name, “Climate Action Big Moves Strategy”.  Read about it here.

Watch the video of the meeting below, featuring the following speakers:

07:50 – Amara Kartick
18:30 – Luis Aguirre-Torres
41:15 – Luisa Burhenne
56:20 – Q&A