Consumption and waste are two sides of the same coin.  Consumption is a cultural issue.  We’re encouraged to shop our way out of our problems and buy our way to happiness.  It can be hard to shake off the pressure to consume everything.  

Waste is the other side of the coin, including waste in manufacture, transport costs, packaging, and throwaways.  

Fortunately, there’s good news! When we challenge ourselves to consume less, we’re (usually) not depriving ourselves of anything.  The most hard-core among us might take a buy-nothing vow, but for many, reducing consumerism means seeing where the question “Do I really need this?” might take us.  

Taking steps to reduce waste includes things like buying in recyclable or reusable packaging (we love a repurposed pickle jar), pre-planning a weekly menu to reduce food waste, or heading to the thrift store for a wardrobe refresh. The more stuff we keep out of the landfill, the easier future generations can breathe.


stratford trashion week

Stratford Trashion Week

Stratford Trashion week is designed to inspire and encourage change in the way we look at our wardrobes and consumer habits while sharing tools for all of us to make more sustainable fashion choices for a healthier world. Stratford Trashion Week is a volunteer run, community group raising awareness about the effect that fast fashion is having on our planet through creative and fun community events!

recycle coach website

Recycle Coach

For decades, we’ve been taught that it’s better to recycle everything. But “everything we can recycle” does not mean everything can be recycled. Unlearn poor recycling habits that are contributing to high contamination and understand your role in the recycling process. Help save your local recycling program, and help your neighbors and colleagues recycle better.

waste: the ins and outs waste diversion video

Waste Diversion video

Stratford’s Energy and Environment Committee, in partnership with Climate Momentum, held a community webinar on Thursday, November 18, 2021 entitled Waste: The Ins and Outs. The webinar focused on waste, recyclables and organics composting – where it all goes, how it’s handled, what goes in and what comes out, and what the future for waste looks like.

climate momentum stratford environmental activism perth county
Climate Momentum is a community-based climate action group in Stratford and Perth County.

Our vision is for a community engaged in creative, bold responses to the global climate crisis and committed to a carbon-neutral Perth County by 2040.

We focus on supporting individuals and advocating for community-wide change in key areas of meaningful climate action: green transportation, net zero buildings, waste reduction, and biodiversity protection.