We’ve launched our blog! And the first stage for the next few months and through the summer will focus on sharing the news about what is already happening locally to respond to climate change.

We’ll feature projects that decrease fossil fuel energy use, reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate waste, capture carbon, encourage renewable energy sources, and build community to care for the environment. And we’ll profile local climate champions.

Please watch how the blog develops over time with new topics, new volunteer writers, and helpful information about climate change and local-level responses. There’s more going on in Stratford and Perth County than you know. We want to show that we’re in no way starting from scratch. We can build on positive momentum!

That said, we’re sure that you, dear readers, know about projects and people we haven’t heard about yet. Please share your ideas for stories to cover and people to profile. Send us an e-mail at hello@climatemomentum.ca or reach us on social media — links below.

See the About page for an overview of our project, including the “Bring Climate to the Table” campaign that will launch in the fall.

There is no single solution to climate change, but there are many pieces that add up to a solution. Join us in that momentum!

* Caring for the Planet is Cool patch made by Claire at The York Lane Art Collective